Karl Friedrich Schneider

Born 1939 in Wuppertal, Germany. 1960 to1967 architectural studies in Berlin and Aachen, followed by a successful career as designer in Germany, the USA and Switzerland.
Already very early, but especially in his student days KFS started creating pictures using different techniques and also produced first prints. By an intense study of Rembrandt's graphic work in the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam and during many study trips to Italy and France he consolidated his basis of artistic expression. Works by KFS are privately owned in Europe as well as overseas. To date he has turned down all offers to exhibit in galleries since an increased productivity would have entailed a reduced quality.
On the occasion of a visit to KFS's studio more than ten years ago, Erwin Leiser encouraged him to present his creative work to a larger public in the form of autographed prints.

Encouraged both by such emphatic advice received by a recognized authority as well as his good fortune in being able to put to use a new, previously unknown printing method which can best be compared to classical lithography, KFS decided to present a first series of prints with twelve flower motifs.

@rt by mail as partner of KFS is very happy to offer you his works exclusively on the internet.

Quotation from a conversation with art historian Dr. Michael Schneider-Flagmeyer about the presented motifs: "... adaptation of a well-known subject in a new, refreshing manner on an artistically high level ..."
When asked about how he sees artistic work KFS referred among others to a remarkable book on the subject: "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards, J. P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles 1979.